Eden on the Bay

This little mediterranean gem is sort of a secret lawn to those inside the realize. In case you havenít been to the isle of crete, then eden at the bay is the subsequent first-class component, with its white buildings and bluer-than-blue sea and sky. Itís right on the seashore and has a gorgeous grassed common area where families picnic, throw frisbees, trip ponies ñ itís like that movie within the í50s where lifestyles is fun and unfastened and you wish you lived there.

Which you can, as itís a residential mall. Restaurants laze inside the solar and little shops offer color and interesting goodies that make you feel zesty and spontaneous. The vibe in summer is ridiculous; itís an out of doors mall, so sun, sand and sea are par for the path right here. You mayít stay away, even if you attempted. How to get there: journey on otto du plessis closer to melkbos from blouberg; flip left at large bay side road, the mall is on the right.